Perfect Iceland activity tour

Stand up paddleboarding is fun, safe and everyone needs to try it once – a perfect activity tour in Iceland. If you would like to receive more information, please fill in the contact form below. You can also find us on facebook  or email us at

What people are saying about us

We don’t like to brag about ourselves, so here are some nice things our travellers had to say

“A couple of weeks ago I was offered to try Stand Up paddle boarding (SUP) in Iceland and I have to admit that in the beginning I was pretty sceptic about the idea but I decided to give it a go. We met Kristjan in a lake that was in the outskirts of Reykjavik (around 15 minutes by car) at 8.00 pm. After chatting a bit while preparing the boards we went to the lakeshore where he explained us the basics of the SUP. I thought it was going to be really difficult to manage the board but I was able to command it in about 10-15 minutes confidently.
We started rowing inside the lake steadily. The water was very calm, the wind wasn’t blowing and the red sunset light was behind us creating a very relaxing scene. Even though the lake is located in outskirts the silence you get when you are inside the lake it’s amazing. There were a couple of islands inside the lake which we surrounded and after some time rowing we decided to have a rest in one of them. When we sat Kristjan offered us some hot chocolate and icelandic biscuits which we enjoyed while we admired the landscape. Finally, we went back to start point enjoying the ride. 
I have to admit that practicing SUP in Iceland has surprised me a lot and I did not expect it to had such a great time. In my opinion it’s totally worth it and recommendable to everyone visiting reykjavik, it is an easy learning activity with which you can have a lot of fun. Thinking of repeating the activity in my next visit!” Regards,Alex

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