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Booking information for adventure in Iceland

We offer various adventure tours in Iceland – check out our tours 

To book your very own SUP Tour, please contact or use our booking system and we will set up a unique and memorable SUP experience for you in Iceland.

General information

  • Tour includes: Guide, SUP gear, Wetsuits, Gloves, Boots, SUP introduction.
  • Duration: Approximately 3 hours.
  • Minimum age: 14 years (20 for Sup and Sip Tour.
  • Availability: All year at different times

  • Number of participants: Min 3-Max 10.

  • Price: Various

Please keep in mind that Iceland is, and will always be Iceland, the weather changes very fast and can change frequently during the day on our northern island. All adventure trips and outdoor activities are weather and condition dependent and we reserve the right to change your itinerary or cancel your trip with your safety in mind. But we try to go out in all weathers. The only reason we’d call a session off is in severe winds or thunder storm. Some of our best sessions have been in the rain and we provide wetsuits if required. If conditions change due to weather, we can have other options, such as fishing on a rowing boat.

About our Tours

Our tours are suitable for beginners as well as experienced paddlers. In the beginning of the tour, we will start by introducing you to the SUP and the paddle and give you a short lesson on how to handle the SUP. All our SUP tours are led by experienced guides in a safe environment.

We offer private tours

These are not private tours and require a minimum of three people, but we can offer private tours- just les us know. For general safety purpose we expect our guests to be 14 years of age. We may consider younger children on our tours with the understanding that parents take full responsibility for their children and sign a release. Children under 19 must travel with a guardian.

Fitness level

We have a variety of boards for different sized paddlers and aim to be as inclusive as possible. Participants must weigh between 40 and 120 kg. Participants in our SUP tours must have an average sense of balance and be in relatively good health. Email us if you’re really worried, but we think you’ll be fine.

Stand up paddleboarding is a water sport and all we ask is that you’d be comfortable if you were to take a dip. You’ll be attached to your board by a leash at all times so you don’t need to be a champion swimmer. We’ll check if you’re a confident in water before we set off and ask you to wear a buoyancy aid if you’re unsure. Our rescue trained instructors will be on hand to help you get back onto the board if you’re struggling.

Rules on alcohol

Alcohol and water don’t mix. No-one under the influence of alcohol is to go stand up paddleboarding. If you arrive drunk for your session we will not be able to take you paddleboarding and no refund can be issued.

Disclaimer: All trips are undertaken on the responsibility of its participants. All SUP trips and other activities undertaken are the responsibility of the participants. do not assume any responsibility for accidents or loss caused by any customer or participants which is a result of or can be traced back to their own actions. Participants have to sign a waiver before undertaking all trips stating that they realize that all outdoor activities carry an inherent risk.